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Exclusive Interview with Author Meera Kathija – Winner of Sri Aurobindo Indian Literary Award, 2022

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Author Meera Kathija recently won Sri Aurobindo Indian Literary Award, 2022 for her excellent contribution to Literature. Cherry book awards believes she is the future of Indian Literature. We caught up with her for an exclusive interview. Here it is:

1)What inspires you to keep inspiring people through your literary creations?

Through the way of creating interest by giving and welcoming the great importance to my readers with simple words of colorful meaning. I prefer this as an inspiring people through my literary career of beautiful creations.

2)Share about your published books.


According to every human being love is a caffeine of fantasy. All enjoys the love when they are not stable with their own self, but when it happens with their break up condition they fail to lose their love as well as valuable responsibility. It is not a great thing when you love a person when you are in love, but it comes to a great deal when you love the person even after your breakup situations. My book would be a definate solution for every readers who are in love or you are not in love, In this book you will find the real essence of love, care, soulful and unconditional love with tips as well as stories too. My tips and stories will guide you towards a way of thinking better version about love and this book does not be a common book of love joy or mesmerizing fantasies but it is more that! Trust me you will never feel bored on reading my tips and my stories. Do enjoy a healthy readings, my lovable readers. Special Thanks to The Evincepub Publication who are into this to make my book look great with their source of hardwork and with utmost care. Thank you one and all. Enjoy A Happy Reading Along with my thoughts.


The Book, The Cupid’s Curse is a Fantasy Fiction genre. It is like a fairytale. The whole Tale deals with the suspense of Cupid’s Curse, who are the final spellers of this curse, Does the Curse met an end with a curse or the curse is solved are the rest things that leads the story. It is a strange combination of two world; The Cupid Earth and The Cursed Earth. The Climax totally leads whether the Curse comes to an end or not! My only Aim is to sent my fantasy fiction to the Disney Productions. Hope you all like my book. Keep reading it. And enjoy a little sprinkled fantasy narration of Meera Kathija’s The Cupid’s Curse.

3)What are the qualities of a good author?

To create a great interest among the readers, it should not just be a piece of entertainment but also a great level of proper attainment of gaining knowledge.

4)Share some of your major literary achievements.



5)What is your advice to young and budding writers who want to publish their debut books?

Don’t judge everything at once. Self confidence and Patience are really important.

6)What kind of books do you love to read? Name any three books apart from your books that you would recommend to all.

Historical Novels and Science Fiction Novels.

Ponniyin Selvan

The Beautiful Ecstasy

An Insight Into Writing

7)As an author, is it important to write in simple or high end language, and why?

Because reading makes a perfect man. If a writer is capable of doing it, more learning makes a proper acknowledgement for the readers and will come to know the great connections of gaining knowledge seriously, without putting themselves into a way of learning things as a great burden.

8)In your opinion, how can the decreasing readership trend, especially in India can be stopped from further decline?

It could be started at a earlier stage itself, I mean each house should have a mini library. Without prefering them cell phones and Televisions parents should make their children to create an habit of reading books. The decline can be stopped further in future and India will have a great market over reading books and buying books.

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