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LOVE IN 2023 by Pooja Senthilkumar

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When I thought of the moon

‘Moon!’ chuckled I, ‘Yes moon!’

In a midnight Venusian,

I felt a happy total eclipse

Once I sat engaged and healing

I heard an amusing, silent texting

Deep into that darkness tapping,

In a kingdom full of clouds,

As I turned around,

I saw a man,

The man of dreams.

Stood in front of me like a dream,

Lost in his eyes, my heart screamed.

The bliss I feel is not finite!

All that I longed for, was imminent

Our memories are exceptionally countless.

Now unnumbered is just the thing,

It gets me wondering if the twinklings are countless, just like the stars.

Qualms popping up in my mind

In sync with my fast-beating heart.

The hideous love,

Above all others,

Do you accord by how diligent it is?

Does it tear you apart to see the future so far?

As the clock strikes tick-tock,

It’s time for my emotions to unlock.

I could have never loved anyone,

The way I loved you.

Not even myself.

My intense love made me stay.

Through the years,

I lived with your memories

I died too, with them

If I could get paid a dollar for each time I think about you,

I would have now been a multi-millionaire.

Every time, in the flash of your thought,

I dream,

As if we live our desires

You and I,

In a home, safe and secured

No evil around

Was there no way to confess?

A lump in my throat, my words couldn’t come out,

As I gaze upon your earnest eyes,

for we are connected,

I hear thousands of thoughts,

Conveying your untold love.

A virtue of our findings,

a passion through the universe,

I share with you my heart.

For  we are bound  to never disappear to never be deceived

into the future,

Let’s live in the present,

To the fullest.

You carry my love,

You leave my pulse,

You lift my spirit,

For always through darkness

bound together, I come closer

Our hearts face each other.

I bequeath to you a hug

we melt into one soul.

We become entangled.

Tears rolling from my eyes,

I could hear your heartbeat,

And I found my home.

As I pledge through space and time,

You are my only love for a lifetime.


(A long-distance relationship finally met each other in 2023)

About Pooja Senthilkumar

Pooja Senthilkumar is an Indian award-winning author who is known for her leadership skills. She has written a book named “Gracias” which helps people to understand the importance of a gratitude attitude. Also, she has contributed to several anthologies. She is an inspiring Influencer who creates valuable content on social media for the youth to lead a successful and contented life.

LOVE IN 2023 by Pooja Senthilkumar

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