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Meet Social Activist Sheikh Ahmad From Boniyar, Baramulla, Who Has Won Many Hearts

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Sheikh Ahmad is Baramulla’s new sensation who always remains at the forefront of humanity’s well-being and society’s betterment. He is a well-known social activist and student from Kashmir valley and hails from the Boniyar area of Baramulla.

A social activist from the Boniyar area of Baramulla, Sheikh Ahmad has won the hearts of many with his acts for the betterment of society in many ways.

Recognizing his interest in helping those in dire need, Sheikh Ahmad facilitated the honor of the development of those around him. This young student holds the potential to make a difference and uplift the youth of Kashmir. He is the state secretary of the Jk students welfare forum. While talking to us, he said we must work for the betterment of society talent of Kashmir and explore the talent of Kashmiri youth.

Amid the deadly pandemic, Sheikh Ahmad has been doing all he can to help people, often going beyond his capacity. Proving to be a messiah for people, this social activist actively helped people with supplies of masks and sanitizers during the peak of Covid 19.

It was once quoted, “What you make a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Sheikh Ahmad has marvelously proved the worth of this.

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