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Seek Wilderness by Sneha Kisan Jagtap

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Life is like a fugacious forest,

Carrying a holt of uninvited occurrences

Don’t spent it in a casket.

Add a tint of wilderness

To your floating soul.

Acting like a wandering trail.

Breathe free and wild in blithe shadows

Stay wild and juvenile.

Owning blazing daylight.

Lose your worries

Down the enticing summer streams.

Eliminating the blue and grey.

During rugged wind and chill,

Stand with gentleness and brutality.

Spreading seeds of happiness.

Learning to breathe fresh air

With wilderness of the soil and

Music from earth’s lips.

Unfolding golden songs,

That comfort the morbid.

Carry your dreams like feathers

Dancing to it’s magic with

Enchanting marvelous wings.

Seeking after the golden skies

With your head held high to

See the heaven in a wildflower

Holding eternity in an hour.

Before you take a leap,

Add a tint of wilderness

To your brave soul.

Sliding down the hustle and bustle

Knowing it can be short or tall

As a seed or a tree.

Grow wild with every sunset.

Ride buoyant waves of now and then

As a beckoning light for the

Benighted snow to come to a halt.

The life ceases with serenity

And mellow rains singing

Softly through anticipation.

In the presence of green thickets

And woozy roosters,

They slowly slide into the tomb.

About Sneha Kisan Jagtap

Name : Sneha Kisan Jagtap

BA English Literature

Residence : Kerala

Place : Erattupetta

Birthday : 29 May

Hobbies : Writing, Painting Handicraft Photography


[ The “Write and Feature Festival” by Digital Golgappa is a unique initiative to encourage writing talent from across the globe by empowering their words through a wide global reach. The above content was shared as an entry to this festival. Special thanks to The Update India, News Pravesh, Funky News, Yalta News, and Tales That Matter for making this initiative successful. ]


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