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The Pink Beagle: An Economic Unicorn?

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Globalisation is the process of integrating world economies beyond the hemispheres of East- West, North, and South. It is this phenomenon of interlinkage that revolves around the concept of world as a global village, collaborating with the trade markets of developing and developed countries. The inception, flourishing, and growth of a business and its subsequent expansion in the market of several countries are all part of globalization requiring significant amount of expertise and knowledge. Before the start of any business venture, its related sky high expansion, and its mushrooming in umpteen number of exotic markets, requires strategic knowledge of international marketing and its applied principles. The introduction of any product and its customisation for market consumption on a large scale, perforating boundaries, calls for the task of moulding the product to local tastes, benefits, and demand.

 The Pink Beagle authored by Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh is the golden eye for these criterias for upcoming businesses, acting as a guide for the economic pursuits of international marketing and other related queries. The book is an accurate reference for any business aspirant to comprehend the basic tenets of marketing and its applications through realistic illustrations.

The Pink Beagle, as the name implies, exports the readers to a unique niche of novel paradigms  of economics, comprehending significant concepts related to the building, structuring and economic orientation of  international marketing. The book stands the test of time, for its assessment of the corona pandemic, which bludgeoned the economies of several countries pushing them into chaos.

The  book also showcases how the synergy of glocalisation works. The Liberalization, Privatization,and  Globalization reforms in the contemporary business world and combining the identities of global and local businesses and illustrating  it as a modern phenomenon.

The triumph stories of many successful business ventures get a deep analysis and thorough insight in this book and an immense amount of research has been done by the author to provide the reader with the correct anecdotes and information relating to the world of business. The Pink Beagle is a must read book if you have a business or are aspiring to start one as it provides an in-depth insight and knowledge about how businesses work and, more importantly, how the global market works and what strategies one should employ to cater to the global market.

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