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Your Erotica Dose Of The Day | A Night With Spirit by Mili Kumari

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As he touched me from my soul to body….
Generally a guy touches the body first but a spirit touches the soul.
Yes I shared my bed with a spirit. My soul went wet and ot was out of fantasy.
His lips licked all my body. As the night was getting darker our love was getting intense.
As the cloud thundered he opened my locks of my hair from his hand. He played with my body from his hand. As the cloud undressed , he undressed me.

Finally we were in a blanket. Totally alone in that home. The fire of us wasn’t ending, the lips were not getting chapped but actually getting wet.

Slowly I slept in his arm but when I woke up there was no one. I accumulated my clothes and dressed up. I hastly went out and saw the newspaper. The guy with whom I dissolved was a man who died in the accident last night.

That morning haunted me. Seriously what went yesterday night was an illusion.
Now Bella started thinking.
It was her first make out. But she was full of spunk, and decided to wait for that spirit to come again.
As somewhere she couldn’t forget the memories of yesterday night. The way he unbuttoned his shirt and kissed her badly.
So, it was 11 at night and suddenly she felt cold. She can sense that he was there.

“So, you came. I was waiting for you” Bella said.
“I was craving for your body, to untangle your hair, to kiss your navel and at last to play with you whole night”.

” But who are you? And why me? ”
Bella curiosity can be sensed.
“Because you had a divorce because your husband lack intimacy right? ”
“I can fulfill. ”

Bella felt there is someone who can fulfill her desire of sex. She started enjoying the daily intercourses but somewhere she was falling in love with that spirit.
But spirits has their responsibilities and now that spirit had done.

And now the spirit has, done. But Bella doesn’t wanted. In the era of 2023 she went back to superstition.
She went to a hermit and asked to bring the soul back but he said it’s not possible.

The crave and desire for him let her to kill herself.
And somewhere in heaven they met.

About Mili Kumari

In her own words, “Mili the name itself in sanskrit defines to meet and greet the way I am. I am a small town girl from Chhath Bhoomi “PATNA, BIHAR”. Now let’s talk about my academics….I have done graduation in English, Diploma in Pharmacy and I am a certified Professional MUA. My work has been published in more than 10 anthology with 2 podcast 3 interviews on Spotify, Gaana, Jio, Saavan, Indianstories Live(YouTube). On Google you can easily search with Mili Kumari as I have been published in a variety of News Portals. Following are the awards of mine:-

● Literary choice awards 2021
● Inspiro award 2021
● Achievement award 2021
● Indipride award 2021
● Indian Noble award 2022
● The Prime women achievers award 2022

I have also been on the cover page of magazine like Pride of India, Allureiva, CultureX and The Glorious India, Selfesta magzine. I have also judge the beauty peasant “MR. AND MRS. STAR PATNA” audition round. I have also campaigned for promoting use of sanitary napkins while periods. Soon I am coming up with my first original Music Song Teri Gali under my company Millistreet entertainment pvt Ltd. Which is an entertainment company. 2023 surprises are there and miracles to happen.”


[ The “Write and Feature Festival” by Digital Golgappa is a unique initiative to encourage writing talent from across the globe by empowering their words through a wide global reach. The above content was shared as an entry to this festival. Special thanks to The Update India, News Pravesh, Funky News, Yalta News, and Tales That Matter for making this initiative successful. ]


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